Programs In Israel

Gap Year

In the career or professional world, a gap year is the year spent by students prior to entering college and after completing high school. Also known as the sabbatical year, gap year today is mostly referred to the year spent prior to starting College or University. list of gap year programs.

Graduate Programs

Students who are interested to pursue their education through graduate programs now have a better option for enrolling in one of the Israeli schools. While the country is continuously expanding when it comes to its educational aspect, Israel is surely a great place to start with. list of programs

International MBA

The M.B.A. was a distinctly American phenomenon for many years. Harvard established the world’s first M.B.A. program in 1908. here you will find a list of International MBA programs at Israel top Universities. 

Internship Program
Summer Programs

Summer programs are classes that are normally held from the month of early June to the month of late August. Students who attend summer school might access a number of similar facilities like their full time counterparts, which include off-campus and on-campus housing, computer labs, arts performances, library systems, and computer labs. Students who are interested to attend summer programs abroad have a great option in the place of Israel. list of Summer programs

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